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Using FireEMS Stats

What is FireEMS Stats?

FireEMS Stats is a manual application to display your departments activity to your uses and the community in which you serve.  FireEMS Stats was initially created for a client, and it offered many options where which were thinned down to create the open source version released to WordPress.  In version 4.0, I added many features back, and some new features that were not included in the original design.

How do I display my stats?

There are now 2 ways in which you can display your stats:

  • The first which has always been through the widget.  In version 4.0 there are several changes and additions to the widget.
  • The second option is through a shortcode.  A shortcode allows you to display your stats anywhere within WordPress that you can use a shortcode.  Pages, Posts etc.

Changes to the Widget:

  • The biggest change was the widget now uses divs instead of tables to display the months.
  • You have the option to display only the totals. (this is currently set to default)
    • While display total is checked, the widget will not show the individual count (ie, Fire / EMS)
  • When you uncheck "Show total only" the individual count will be displayed.
  • You also have the option to display the shortened version for the months. (example January -> Jan, February -> Feb, etc.)
  • The tooltip or hover works if you have prior years data in the database.
  • When you have prior years data in the database, The widget now gives you the option to provide a link to view that years data by month.