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Updates coming in version 4.0

It has been awhile since any updates for Fire/EMS Stats.  But there has been some re-writes to the code that will allow for some enhancements.  Many of the original features will still be included, but there are some new features as well as enhancements:

  • Multiple colors
    • In the settings section there will be the ability to change the colors used throughout the program
  • Multiple icons
    • In the settings section there will be the ability to change the icon.
    • This allows the program to adapt to multiple uses for example:
      • Fire Engine Icon
      • Ambulance Icon
      • Medical Helicopter Icon
  • There are some additional enhancements to the database structure to improve speed
  • Updated to the latest version of FontAwesome and Bootstrap 4
  • I hope that you would agree with me that one of the biggest new features is the ability to have as many columns as you wish. This will extend beyond the original 3 columns.  If you wish to have 2, 10, 20 columns the software will now support this.

Some user enhancements on the front end include:

  • Shortcodes:
    • Shortcodes will be implemented so stats can now be displayed on any page.
    • The shortcodes will allow you to display which stats get displayed.
  • Widget update:
    • There will be new features available in the widget section
      • some new modern css enhancements
      • javascript, jquery enhancements
      • color options
  • There will also be the ability to allow the end user to see the previous years stats in more detail.

While this is a sampling of the new changes, there are additional enhancements that include updates to the ajax, php code and css.

Based upon feedback, this will facilitate additional features and enhancements as they are developed.