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This question gets asked more often than you would think. While we are in  an age of technology, there are still those who don’t understand the importance of a website. A website is an investment into your organization and community.  Many don’t understand what a website is capable of accomplishing from the large city agency to small volunteer departments and everyone in between. In this article, I will point out the top reasons your fire department needs a website.

Providing the community with education and information

A website allows the agency to answer some of the same questions asked everyday.  A website can alert the community to fire safety issues and community education events. October is Fire Safety Education Month. Most fire department will make efforts to visit school age children, however the website can allow the fire department to present information to adults and senior citizens about fire safety.

The agency can also present critical or needed information to the community such as information about backyard burning, obtaining a copy of a fire report or who do I call if I have a question on my ambulance bill. All these questions and more are likely asked by people in the community you serve and many of them won’t call to ask you those questions. They want to find it online.

Employee or volunteer recruitment

Your website is a showcase of who you are. Prospective employees and volunteers want a way to learn about your department in a low key and unobtrusive way. A professional, informative and engaging website will not only provide those prospects with what your department is all about, but it also shows them that you are a professional agency and one they can be proud to work for.

Not everyone has social media

I know it is hard to believe, but not everyone has Facebook, or Twitter.  My parents have Facebook, but do not know quite know how to find information or participate in the social media aspect.  More specifically my mother just uses facebook to play popular games or to send me a message when she finds me online.

These are only a few of the reasons while A website is one more medium to reach your community.  Your website can provide these and more. Hopefully your website does not just focus on one of these reasons but capitalizes on many features available.  

Having an informative, well thought out website will help your organization be a beacon in the community and improve community relations.

Post Author: Mike Lessar

Mike earned a B.S. in Fire Administration while working as a career firefighter where he retired as the Fire Chief. Still active in the Fire and EMS community where he serves on 3 NFPA technical committees and is still active as a Paramedic. Mike has been writing code since he was first introduced to his Apple IIe in 1985. Mike is currently pursuing his Masters in Business Administrtion with a concentration in Public Administration (MBA, PAD). Today Mike is a web developer and designer, which has always been his passion, besides coffee.

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