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Whether you have a website or you are looking to build one, it’s important to avoid common errors and mistakes that can harm your website and its usability. Here a few common errors that, if addressed can dramatically improve your website’s usability and improve your website visitor’s experience.

Spelling And Grammar

As simple as this error is, it can dramatically reduce your website’s credibility. When you want to present yourself as a professional organization, then the content on your website should reflect this. Spelling and grammatical errors are simple to fix and can do wonders for the appearance and credibility of your website.

Broken Pages Or Images

Have you ever visited a website and see the tiny “broken link” icon or clicked a link that either went nowhere or to a “404” page? You know how frustrating that is, so don’t let it happen to your website. If your website links to pages that are offsite, then your website is susceptible to having broken links. Using a broken link checker can help you manage and quickly fix those broken links.

Content Does Not Engage Your Community

As firefighters, we want to show the world what we do. As a result fire department websites will place an emphasis on showing dramatic fires and rescues.  While this content appeals to those fellow members of the fire community, it might not be the main focus for your community visitor.  Having information easy to find for your community is why they are visiting your website.

Yes we can still put all the photos of the “big one” online, but fire departments need to remember the main mission of the community fire department website.

Outdated Content

Keeping your website’s content fresh and current is more important than you might think. If a visitor comes to your website and the information is months or even years old, it will likely result in less and less visitors each month.  

Your website is a reflection of your organization.  Your website needs to reflect a professional image while maintaining current information readily available for the community and stake holders in which you are serving.

Maltese Solutions can help you by creating, updating or even assist you fixing your website to avoid these common errors.

Post Author: Mike Lessar

Mike earned a B.S. in Fire Administration while working as a career firefighter where he retired as the Fire Chief. Still active in the Fire and EMS community where he serves on 3 NFPA technical committees and is still active as a Paramedic. Mike has been writing code since he was first introduced to his Apple IIe in 1985. Mike is currently pursuing his Masters in Business Administrtion with a concentration in Public Administration (MBA, PAD). Today Mike is a web developer and designer, which has always been his passion, besides coffee.

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