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We design and develop usable, beautiful, effective, and search engine

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There is more to just having a website. Is it

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About Us

About Us

Mike created Maltese Solutions to use his knowledge and experience to work with other first responder agencies to help their websites deliver the right message. Mike started programming computers back in 1984. After serving in the Army as a medic,

We Communicate

We will listen to your needs for your website. We will provide suggestions to improve design, usability. In the end we will build your website.


Our pricing is simple. We tell you the price upfront with a simple payment process.


We put our name on your website, so we want it to work. When you are having a problem, we can be reached through our support to help you make it right again.


We provide maintenence packages to keep your site current and working. However with WordPress, the site owner is able to maintain the site without us.

  1. Provide a free consultation
  2. Develop a requirements document
  3. Establish the project plan
  4. Wire design and mockups
  5. Develop the site architecture database
  6. Final web site build-out
  7. Web site testing and launch

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